5 Reasons We Can’t Get Enough of “The Matrix” Movie Trilogy

The 1999 action sci-fi The Matrix, starring Keanu Reeves in the lead was an instant hit! The Matrix trilogy is still a hit today. The second and the third part of the trilogy was released in 2003 just two months apart! The story might seem simple with programmer Thomas Anderson fighting a war against a family of supercomputers, but it was so engrossing and so widely appreciated that it won bags of awards! Be it the plot, the effects, the background score, or the cast, here are 5 reasons why we can’t get enough of The Matrix trilogy!

1. Thomas Anderson aka Neo

When it comes to playing the role of aloof characters, Keanu Reeves does it best! The main protagonist of the movie, Neo played by Keanu is a cybercriminal and a computer programmer. He is dark, mysterious, and is immersed in his own world. Though he stays underground, we can’t deny how cool and tech-savvy he is!

2. Pills

A distinct feature of The Matrix is the red and blue pills. These pills represent reality and blissful ignorance respectively. When Neo met Morpheus, he was given a choice between these two pills. After choosing the red pill, Neo came to know about reality, had hallucinations, and realized the life he was living was an illusion! References from Alice in Wonderland were made in The Matrix.

3. Dashing heroes

Skintight leather pants? Check. Classy shades? Check. Sleek black overcoats? Check. Aren’t all these chic apparel that make the fighters against the Matrix, seem super cool and dashing? Would Neo, Morpheus, and Trinity be the same underground rebel without such attractive gear? I don’t think so!

4. Sentinels

The Matrix has some super crafty and technologically advanced villains! The Sentinels are one of those. These terrific machines employed by the Matrix is what makes this movie more interesting. They are mechanical, have mechanized tentacles, and patrol the sewers, underground pathways, and subways. Aptly referred to as “squiddy”, these mechanical creatures are no less than a nightmare! But you can’t deny the thrill you experience when you see these robots!

5. Trinity

No one could have carried those chic leather gear better than Carrie-Ann Moss did. We all love Trinity played by this actress, who teams up with Neo and Morpheus to stop the Matrix from destroying the city. She acts tough but she has her emotions too! She is in love with Neo and this personality of Trinity is what makes her a very important character in The Matrix trilogy!
There is nothing not to love about The Matrix franchise! To add on to the list of reasons why we can’t get enough of this trilogy there is the black cat, the Merovingian, Agent Smith, the abstract falling lines, and the stunning special effects! The plot and the direction of The Matrix trilogy are so brilliant that it is still remembered today. And after so many years the Wachowskis are bringing The Matrix 4, set to release in 2021!

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